Backyard Gardens and HOAs


Whether you’re living in a subdivision or a condo, you’re expected to follow the rules and regulations that the Homeowners Association (HOA) sets. These rules are meant to protect the community and your property’s value. However, this also means knowing certain limitations, such as gardening. You might have questions like, “Can the HOA stop a homeowner from planting a garden?” or “Will the HOA be against backyard gardens?”

Below, we’ve offered some steps you can take to increase awareness of your rights and restrictions when building a garden within an HOA-governed community while still maximizing your space.

Identify the Limitations

For single-family homes, homeowners may only have gardens in the backyard. Others may prohibit completely from having a garden. Thus, find out whether the HOA in your area is strict or a little lenient. Ask your neighbors if the rules and regulations are strictly implemented.

Then, find out whether there are charges or penalties for those who violate the rules or boundaries, or if they simply get a courtesy call. Some HOAs are willing to modify their current rules, while others stick to respective laws and may even be serious about getting homes foreclosed, so know all your limitations.

Maximize What You’re Allowed To Do

An HOA provides limitations on building gardens for several reasons. One is the aesthetics aspect, as poorly maintained gardens will be an eyesore. Moreover, your community may be prone to wildlife, which can disturb or even risk the safety of other homeowners.

Meanwhile, some HOAs will let you grow herbs using a plant bed or have some tomatoes. You might also want to put strawberries in your hanging baskets instead of geraniums. Then, pair mint with marigolds and other creative techniques. Even with some restrictions, you can still subtly incorporate gardening into your property.

Build a Harmonious Relationship With Your Neighbors

If the HOA’s rules on gardening do not match your preferences and expectations, look for neighbors who share the same perspective as yours. Establishing a positive relationship with them will help you live in the neighborhood happily and be more open with them. 

Of course, you’ll have to choose the people you share your sentiments with. Friendly and understanding homeowners may support you if you seek changes or slight modifications to the rules.

Review your HOA Governing Documents

To make sure you’re not overstepping boundaries while trying to build a garden on your property, read the community’s governing documents for specific rules and restrictions. You may find the details in your mortgage documents. You can also request the HOA for a copy to answer questions like “Do HOAs allow vegetable gardens?”

Recently, several associations have made these documents available online. Read them carefully, and don’t hesitate to ask questions if there are parts of an HOA document that you find vague or conflicting. By reviewing these documents, you can plan your garden better.

Final Thoughts

If you want to build a garden in deed-restricted communities that are HOA-governed, you’ll need to know what’s allowed and what’s not. Acknowledge the limitations, but note the things that can still be improved. Moreover, build strong relationships with your neighbors and review the documents thoroughly. Besides enjoying a beautiful garden, you’ll want to live in a peaceful community.

Seek the Help of a Property Management Professional

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