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Association Management for HOAs & Condominiums

Why Innovative Management?

Are you wondering where your HOA money is going? Tired of unanticipated expenses or having hardly any reserve funds for rainy-day expenses? Is your current association management company ghosting you? It’s time you get value for the association management fees you’re paying.

Innovative Management helps you enjoy your community again.

Innovative Management provides the transparent and flexible association management you and your community deserve. We provide the services, organization, and resources to ensure that your HOA or condominium association is professionally managed.

Contact us today to give all of your homeowner and condominium association members the benefit of enjoying the community in which they live.

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Services we provide

Full Property Management

Full-service option

From vendor and project management to long-term financial planning, Innovative Management offers a full range of services ensuring that all the needs of our clients are fully satisfied.

Two businesswomen discussing over documents and a laptop in a brightly lit office, one woman is smiling at her colleague about association management financials.

Financial Services Only

Financial management option

For our clients who are looking for someone to handle the delicate financial management and collection processes while they handle everything else, we can do that too.

Our business is community association management

With over 125 years of combined experience in Property Management, our teams will provide your Homeowners with the highest quality service at an extraordinary value.

A diverse group of adults sitting in chairs at a community meeting, with one middle-aged woman raising her hand to speak to her homeowners association management company.