Recommended HOA EV Charging Policies

In this era of sustainable living, the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is on the rise, presenting both a challenge and an opportunity for condominium owners associations (COAs). As a property management company with a deep understanding of COA dynamics, we offer valuable insights on crafting effective condo and HOA EV charging policies that align … Read more

What are the Governing Documents of an HOA

Homeowners associations (HOAs) are typically governed by a set of governing documents that outline the rules and regulations for the community. These documents serve as the foundation for the operation and management of the HOA and provide guidance on issues such as membership, assessments, elections, meetings, and the use of common areas. The governing documents … Read more

How Board Members Should Deal with HOA Harassment

Homeowners Association (HOA) board members are responsible for maintaining a positive community atmosphere, enforcing rules and regulations, and ensuring that residents live in harmony. However, there may be times when board members may face HOA harassment from homeowners. Such HOA harassment can take many forms, including verbal abuse, written abuse online, physical intimidation, and discrimination. … Read more

How to Start HOA Online Voting

Homeowners associations (HOAs) are designed to help maintain and improve their communities’ value and quality of life. They provide essential services such as landscaping, road maintenance, and security. One of the most critical functions of HOAs is decision-making, which often requires a vote by the members. In the past, this was done through physical meetings, … Read more