HOA Board Roles vs. HOA Management Company Roles

There is plenty of overlap regarding the roles and responsibilities of an HOA Board and an HOA management company. These two groups work together to help run a homeowners association and the community, keeping everything running smoothly. Because of this, the lines of accountability become blurred, and either could be taking on tasks that aren’t … Read more

Backyard Gardens and HOAs

Whether you’re living in a subdivision or a condo, you’re expected to follow the rules and regulations that the Homeowners Association (HOA) sets. These rules are meant to protect the community and your property’s value. However, this also means knowing certain limitations, such as gardening. You might have questions like, “Can the HOA stop a … Read more

What Goes On In An HOA Board Meeting?

Just like any other organization, homeowners associations (HOA) are governed by a board of directors. This board is responsible for making decisions that will impact the community as a whole. But what exactly goes on during an HOA board meeting? Let’s take a look at what typically happens behind closed doors. Who Attends HOA Board … Read more

4 Reasons to Hire a Management Company

Self management can be a costly mistake for homeowner Associations. Volunteers often lack the experience to effectively take on the duties of Association management: collecting dues, paying bills, handling maintenance, record keeping, and rules enforcement. A much more beneficial and sustainable situation is one in which service to the community does not diminish the volunteer’s … Read more