Frequently Asked Questions

What is your preferred process for tracking on-going projects and maintaining open lines of communication with Board Members and Homeowners?

All Board Members and Homeowners have 24/7 access to an online portal which provides real-time status updates of all work orders, violations, account balances, applications, etc. We also utilize this software to send regular email updates to all Homeowners to keep them informed regarding on-going project updates.

What is your policy on responding to Board and Homeowner calls and emails?

We strive to return all phone calls and answer all emails within one business day. Innovative Management stands out from competitors by providing 50 hours of customer service per week, Monday through Friday from 8am-6pm. This provides a larger window of time for Homeowners and Board Members to contact us, both before and after their work days.

How do you ensure a consistently high quality of service and knowledge of our community?

In addition to a full-time manager dedicated to serving the needs of your community, there is also a back up manager involved with the community at least 10 hours per week as well as a full accounting team and administrative support staff. This ensures that even in the absence of your dedicated manager, other team members are fully equipped to handle any questions and concerns.

How do you provide a high quality of life for your employees while also guaranteeing 100% satisfaction for your clients?

In addition to working from home offices, we’ve found that by creating 4-day work weeks for our Associates, they can spend more time with their families than what is standard in our industry. There also receive other benefits such as a simple IRA with 100% company match, profit sharing, medical, and driving allowances. Our managers earn a base salary and a percentage of their portfolios; therefore, their performance for you will greatly affect their earnings. These incentives have attracted talented individuals willing to dedicate the necessary effort to ensure your satisfaction, virtually eliminating turnover and improving the quality of service we can offer to you and your Homeowners.