Below is our availability for Annual Owners Meetings (AOMs). Over the past few years, Zoom has allowed communities to meet virtually when meeting face-to-face was not an option. This experience has shown us that by providing an annual meeting over Zoom, on average, has more homeowners attended the annual meeting. Although we highly recommend continuing with Zoom to uphold the higher attendance, this decision lies with the Board. We have provided 2 calendars below showing our availability.

The first requires a representative of our team via Zoom, and the second requires our attendance in person. Please note that choosing a Zoom time does not mean the homeowners must meet by Zoom. It will only lock in your representative by Zoom. Our team is experienced with joining in-person annual owner meetings via Zoom. In other words, the association holds an in-person meeting, and our representative is connected by Zoom. It is not mandatory to book ahead; however, by booking ahead, you can select your ideal time slot!

The first calendar below will be used if you would like a representative from our team to join your association by Zoom at the AOM. Due to the technology and efficiency proven over the past years, we can provide you with more options for scheduling a time for your meeting with Zoom. For those who prefer our in-person attendance, we have provided a second calendar with specific weeks and time frames of our availability. When booking your meeting, please note the month you are booking should be based on previous years.

Zoom Meeting

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In-Person Meeting

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