About Innovative Management

Innovative Management has been providing superior Homeowner Association Management for the Cincinnati and Pittsburgh markets with a combined total of over 125 years of experience. We are dedicated to providing full service management for the needs of homeowners just like you and thrive on combining the latest technology with exceptional customer care, from condominium communities to custom home developments.

What makes us different?

We customize our services to fit your needs.

Regardless of how unique your needs may be, chances are we can customize training, consulting, or mentoring to suit your needs. Our goal is to work to empower our clients to be more savvy consumers of our services. By providing an à la carte style of management, our clients are able to pick which services best fit the needs of their community and leave out those that don't.


We are vendor neutral.

We don't have anything to sell other than our management service. Strictly speaking, our client's best interests are all that matter.


We're online and just up the street.

When you choose to place your neighborhood in our hands, you can do so with the knowledge that we selectively market to a restricted geographic area and are in close proximity to our communities. In this way we can quickly respond to emergencies and are sensitive to local community standards. We work with you to build relationships with reliable local contractors. Close proximity also means that we can be onsite more often than our competitors.


We have invested considerable resources in a systematic approach to delivering management services efficiently and on time. Our use of advanced industry software and cutting edge Internet communication is a demonstration of our commitment to the future of your association.

Cutting edge technology applications.

We firmly believe that communication is the key to successful communities. We are leaders in utilizing the latest technology to foster and enhance communication between all members of the communities we serve. We never stop looking at new and emerging technology solutions that can help us lower costs and improve convenience.

Working together to create great communities.

We partner with our clients to help them find ways to build a sense of community within their neighborhood. We believe that consistent communication, encouraging volunteerism, and hosting of quality events positively affects members' perception of their association. Vibrant communities are more pleasant places in which to live resulting in increased property values and homeowner satisfaction.

4 Reasons to Hire a Management Company

Self management can be a costly mistake for homeowner Associations. Volunteers often lack the experience to effectively take on the duties of Association management: collecting dues, paying bills, handling maintenance, record keeping, and rules enforcement.

A much more beneficial and sustainable situation is one in which service to the community does not diminish the volunteer's ability to enjoy living in their community. The best way to take pressure off your volunteer Board is to hire a professional to manage the day-to-day affairs of the association. Start by considering these four reasons why you might want to hire a manager:

1. Time

Managing a homeowners' association requires a significant investment of time and labor. On any given day tasks might include responding to homeowner calls, arranging maintenance appointments for both emergency and everyday repairs, writing enforcement letters, dealing with the grounds contractor, posting assessment payments, preparing financial statements, and consulting with the association attorney on collections and other legal matters. If this sounds like a full time job, you might want to let your homeowners be homeowners and hire an experienced agent to perform these duties.