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Innovative Management is dedicated to providing you with the most efficient ways to pay. 

1. Pay the Innovative Way!

Here at Innovative Management we call it "Set it and Forget It". If your association dues go up, you won't need to worry about logging back in and changing your payment. Once registered, we guarantee no late fees as long as your payments go through. Don't worry about cancelling when you move. We will turn off your direct deposit as soon as you order a resale certificate or contact our office to do so.


All you need to do is supply your Account Number and Routing number, and we will manage the rest. Please submit the following form for Registration.


2. Pay Electronically through the Portal!

This option provides you with full control over your payments. Log In to the portal and view your balance and make one-time payments, or set up auto pay. There will be no fees when paying by e-check. When set up on auto-pay, you will need to make changes if your Association dues rise. You will also be responsible for cancelling your payment plan if you move or for any other reason.

You will need your Management Company ID which can be found on your statements. If you lost your statement, no worries contact our office and we will be happy to help.

3. Pay through your Bank

Contact your bank with the following address and instruct them to make a payment on your behalf. Remember all checks must be made out to your Association. As much as we appreciate the offer, Innovative Management does not accept any donations. If the name on the bank account is different than the homeowners, please let us know who the payment is for by providing the address in the memo line. 

Association Name

PO BOX 97733

Las Vegas, NV 89193-7733

4. Pay by check

We understand if technology just isn't the same as paying the old fashion way, so we offer that method as well. Just send your check made out to your association with your account number in the memo line, and we will handle the rest.

Association Name

PO BOX 97733

Las Vegas, NV 89193-7733

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